…here’s the deal. It's been a long and arduous winter. Like most of you, we’ve spent the last few months sleeping, eating a lot, and trying to stay warm. Now that Spring is upon us, we’re coming out of seclusion and rejoining the civilized world.

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve added some new links for everyone to check out. We’ve also completed our next single entitled “Song 6”, which will be available for free on April 15th. For now, enjoy an impromptu video for our impromptu cover of “Sunset Sunset” by Magic! Magic Roses...

...Magic! Magic Roses are a folk duo from San Francisco that we accidentally stumbled across one night; "Sunset Sunset" was the first track we heard. They have recently put out an album; you can listen to it here

"Sunset Sunset" was recorded and mixed during 37 minutes in Vince's bedroom, using a Rickenbacker 360 with a Vox Tone Lab St on a Crate 30 watt amp, a Fender DG-8S, a Microsoft Lifecam 720p HD, and a Blackberry Curve 8310.

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